Advertiser can be the product owner, affiliate or reseller of the traffic  Adverts include banners, pop unders, skimmed traffic both on desktop and mobile. There is a set of convenient instruments in our interface which help advertisers build up the campaigns for buying traffic, which anyone can follow.

The minimum threshold is 50$ for all payment methods beside Bank transfer.

Paypal  $50
Paxum  $50
Webmoney  $50
Creidt Cards $50
Bank/Wire  $500

We charge CPM and CPC. When choosing CPM you are buying traffic which is paid per thousand impressions or cost per mile (CPM). A price for advertising on each of selected channels (if you are buying by domain) or each location (if you choose to target certain locations) is set by advertiser or the system. You can either create campaigns with the minimum available bid or increase your bid and set up a higher price to get more traffic.

The bid you set is what you are going to pay for 1000 impressions. When buying on CPC (this model is available for banners only) you are pay for the clicks on your ad. You will be charged each time when somebody clicks on your banner. The CPC bid you set up is the price you are paying for each click.

Moderation takes from 1 to 3 hours (excluding weekends). For ads, it usually takes less than an hour, if uploaded during the working hours, otherwise it may take up to 10 hours. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to upload the ads at least 1 business day before the scheduled campaign launch date.

This dynamic parameters can be added for tracking traffic behavior (conversions etc.) on the client side:

{site} - returns site ID, example 7641

{zone} - returns zone ID, example 764148474

{campaign} - returns campaign ID, example 59973

{ad} - returnsad ID, example 118905

{size} - returns ad size

{rate} - returns Campaigns rate

{click} -returns click ID, example v13c3a0c9b96c245c078ab5de58025f1cb

{refid} - returns refid ID

{cachebuster} - returns random value

{timestamp} - returns current timestamp

Example of url with dynamic parameters:{site}&zone={zone}&campaign={campaign}&size={size}&rate={rate}×tamp={timestamp}&click={click}&external_id={click}


Publishers are selling traffic through High fill rate and good rates are the reasons why most webmasters choose us as their number one source for selling traffic.

You can get the payment via Paypal, USDT, Webmoney, Paxum and Bank/Wire.

Paypal  starting from $50
Webmoney starting from $50
USDT(ERC20) starting from $50
Paxum starting from $50
Bank/Wire  starting from $500

You start earning right after you place an code on your website. We proceed payments every week. When your profits reach the minimum threshold, the system automatically sends you the money. All the payments are sent one by one after the traffic is checked. Payments are sent every monday for the previouse week, without any holds.

We buy 100 % of your traffic. The main requirement is that it should be genuine.

Please find our contacts on this page, after that our representative will contact you shortly.